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Yes. All riders must hold a current foreign, international or unrestricted Australian motorcycle licence and be over the age of 25 years. You must carry your licence with you while riding as required by law.

These are self-riding tours of the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. Our Yamaha MT-07’s are suitable for both inexperienced riders and provisional licence holders as well as experienced / open licence holders.

Yes. Provided you have at least a Provisional licence you are able participate in our tours – it is recommended that you have been riding for some time and are confident on a bike, so you can get maximum enjoyment from the tour. Inexperienced riders may prefer to ride pillion with a confident rider.

Yes. Experienced riders who would like to take a pillion passenger may do so, provided they are confident in their abilities, and have the required licence.

No. You will be provided with a helmet, jacket and gloves for use on the tour. It is recommended you wear comfortable enclosed footwear (or motorcycle boots if possible) and long pants/jeans or motorcycle pants, if possible, for your own safety.

(Due to lessons from the Covid pandemic and people with virus’s it would be preferable if riders bought their own familiar gear. Although we can supply riding gear as per the original answer)

That’s okay! This is not a race – it is a leisurely cruise! We will take it easy, ride at a comfortable pace and allow you to enjoy the full experience. The Gold Coast Hinterland has so many wonderful treasures to discover, and some amazing and enjoyable hinterland roads that you will love riding on. Be sure to communicate with your guide and let them know if you need a break or have any concerns during the tour.

Firstly – you won’t! We won’t let you! If by small chance something does happen and you are separated from the tour, we recommend you pull over and stay put and your tour guide will find you. All our bikes are fitted with GPS tracking, so even in the worst case scenario, we will be able to locate you in a short period of time.

You will be delighted to find yourself on one of our new Yamaha MT-07 655cc road bikes, an easy and comfortable bike suitable for all ages and riders. You can read more about these bikes here.

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We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to the Elders both past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes for Indigenous people.

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